Program of Studies for Visual Impairment
(Master’s with Certification)

Core Courses


EPSY 5379 Introduction to Educational Research

plus 1 of

EPSY 5310 Philosophy of Education
EPSY 5314 History of Education
EPSY 5323 Cultural Foundations of Education
EPSY 5331 Human Development in Education
EPSY 5332 Educational Psychology

Special Education Core


EDSP 5300* Exceptional Children and Youth
EDSP 5307 Problems and Trends in Special Education

Specialization Courses


EDSP 5380* Programs and Services for Individuals with Visual Impairments
EDSP 5381* Instructional Strategies for Individuals with Visual Impairments
EDSP 5382* Braille Code for Teaching Individuals with Visual Impairments
EDSP 5383* Anatomy and Functions of the Visual System
EDSP 5384* Basic Orientation and Mobility Skills
EDSP 5389* Strategies for Students with Multiple Disabilities and Visual Impairments or Deafblindness
EDSP 5093* Internship in Special Education (3 hrs.)
Elective 3 hours

* Required for TEA endorsement; TExES examinations in braille and visual impairment