Program of Studies for Generic Special Education


Core Courses


EPSY 5379 Introduction to Educational Research
EPSY 5331 Human Development in Education

Special Education Core


 EDSP 5300* Exceptional Children and Youth
EDSP 5307 Problems and Trends in Special Education

Specialization Courses


EDSP 5301* Educational Appraisal of Exceptional Children
EDSP 5303* Applied Behavior Analysis in Special Education
EDSP 5304* Instructional Strategies for Teaching Studentswith High Incidence Disabilities
EDSP 5306* Instructional Strategies for Teaching Students with Low Incidence Disabilities
EDSP 5308* Authentic Assessment for Students with Exceptionalities
EDSP 5093* Internship in Special Education

plus 3 of


EDSP 5320 Children and Youth with Low Incidence Disabilities
EDSP 5330 Children and Youth with High Incidence Disabilities
EDSP 7000 Independent Research (up to 6 credits)

* Required for TEA endorsement; TExES examination also required.