Multidisciplinary Science

About the Program:

The Master of Science in Multidisciplinary Science (MSCI) is a graduate degree program in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction. The MSCI degree is designed to meet the professional needs of middle and secondary school science teachers and elementary teachers with a strong science background by expanding their science and math content knowledge.

“This Program has allowed me to be able to make connections across all the disciplines of science for my students, and express relationships in a more affective way.The miltidisciplinary program has given me confidence to answer my student's questions, and provided me with background to go beyond the textbook when I'm asked”

-Amanda Potter, High School Chemistry

Program of study

Consider the benefits of Texas Tech University's Master of Science in Multidisciplinary science degree:

  • Science and Mathematics courses are taught by committed scientists experienced in teaching teachers.
  • Graduate-Level content science and math courses are designed to enhance the content knowledge of teachers
  • Upon sucessful completion of the program, teachers are better prepared to pass the Composite Science Certification Examination. Currently, there is a 100% passing rate for MSCI students who have taken the test.
  • Upon sucessful completion of the program, teachers are better equipped to provide a broad-based science background to students, leading to greater learning and improved test scores


MSCI Handbook